SmartSnippets command line problem: No FTDI devices detected yet.

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SmartSnippets command line problem: No FTDI devices detected yet.

We have a script that executes SmartSnippets from command line.
It fails on the first command that we try to run: SmartSnippets.exe -type uartBooter -chip DA14580-01 -com_port 3 -uart P0_4 -gpio P1_2 -file C:\Users\...\SmartSnippets\resources\programmer_ES5.bin .
The error message is:

No FTDI devices detected yet.
Failed connecting to port COM3.

When we open the SmartSnippets GUI, everything works fine, and we can load the booter successfully, with the same parameters.
I noticed that the other SmartSnippet commands accept a baudrate parameter. The uartBooter command, however, does not accept a baudrate command.
Is the uartBooter command always necessary before burning the OTP code and the OTP header?

We are using an old SmartSnippets: v3.0. If this is a known issue with SmartSnippets v3.0 please let me know.
We don't need the whole SmartSnippets Studio (~1GB). We just need the Toolbox. If you have a link to the Toolbox only please let me know.

Oren Zomer
Awear Solutions

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Hi oren,

Hi oren,

The version 3.0 of Smart Snippets that you are using is quite old, sothe commands have been changed because there is no longer a uartBooter command of the -type parameter. If this is an issue of the 3.0 version I am not aware and I am not able to replicate your issue, because we are using the updated versions of Smart Snippet. By the way, the error that you have mentioned doesn't ring any bells.

It is strongly suggested to install the latest version which can be found in the Software & Tools Tab in the Tools version. Be aware that a lite version doesn't exist, but you will be able to find older versions of the Smart Snippets in the previous releases section in the Software & Tools Tab

The downloading baudrate depends on the pins that you have attached the UART,so different pins will provide you different UART baudrates. The bootrom checks specific pins at specific baudrates during the downloading procedure.

Regarding the OTP and in order to interact with it, you will have to download the fw that will accept the commands and interact with the SS tool, in your case the programmer_ES5.bin, but all the commands are equipped with the -firmware parameter which determines which fw should be downloaded first in the device before executing any command and this is how you can download the fw using one command only.

Thanks, PM_Dialog