SmartSnippets Studio v2.0.8 build fail

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SmartSnippets Studio v2.0.8 build fail

Dear  Dialog :

         This is the first time i use the DA14699, i  read 《User Manual DA1469x Getting Started Guide with the Development Kit》,but when i  get  the step  :Build the project to run from RAM,I get a error:

"Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type
cannot open linker script file C:\Work Space For DA\projects\dk_apps\demos\ble_adv/DA1469x-00-Debug_RAM/mem.ld: Invalid argument    ble_adv             C/C++ Problem",

I don't know where I went wrong.


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The most possible reason for this error is because the setup doesn't generate the linker scripts in order for the make to complete the build, before the actual build occurs, eclipse will have to generate the linker scripts from the mem.ld.h file and construct a mem.ld file in the build folder. In your case, the file is never built and as a result the tool is not able to find the mem.ld file. This can be due to a number of reasons, like the makefile.targets file isn't in the project directory, or a missing configuration etc. It seems that either the installation of the Smart Snippets has issues, or you haven't properly imported the projects. Be aware that the SDK along with the Smart Snippets tool should operate out of the box without any additional configuration. Since you have correctly installed the tool, all the projects should compile out of the box. In addition, this kind of error that you are seeing, might be related with your workspace. To do so, I would recommend you try the following procedure step by step:

  1. Uninstall completely the SmartSnippets studio from the control panel and try to re-install it. Please follow step-by-step the section 1 SmartSnippets™ Installation in the UM-B-057 SmartSnippets Studio User Manual
  2. Let’s move the SDK out the C:/Users location – I’ve seen this cause issues with administrative rights. For example, move a fresh SDK located here at the following without any spaces: C:\Dialog\SDK_10.0.4.66.  The workspace that is currently been using is the “Work Space For DA” - I’d suggest you to remove the spaces.
  3. Unzip a fresh SDK in your new workspace. Since it’s a fresh SDK, the root folder should not contain the .metadata. If it exists, delete any .metadata that was created within the project directory to start a new workspace.
  4. Open the Smart Snippets Studio again and you can select a generic workspace
  5. The Project Explorer should be blank.
  6. Right click into the Project Explorer and navigate to:
    1. Import…
    2. General / Existing Projects into Workspace
    3. Press Next>
    4. From the Select root directory browse to C:\Dialog\SDK_10.0.4.66
    5. Deselect all the projects and select only the ble_adv and the python­_scripts. After that press finish
  7. With freertos_retarget selected, just click to the DA1469x-00-Debug_RAM

Thanks, PM_Dialog

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Thanks, moving the SDK to a

Thanks, moving the SDK to a location without the spaces did the trick for me..