unable to burn otp using smartsnippets

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unable to burn otp using smartsnippets



i am using DA14580 development kit pro with DA14580 daughter board.

and trying to burn OTP with hex file, it connects sucessfully but while burn option it always show the same below error

[INFO    OTP Image            @19-05-08 14:42:12] Connection to COM9 port has successfully opened.
[ERROR   OTP Image            @19-05-08 14:42:16] Received error message while checking whether burning was successful: FFFFFFFE.
[INFO    Booter               @19-05-08 14:42:16] Successfully disconnected from port COM9.
[ERROR   OTP Image            @19-05-08 14:42:16] Memory burning failed.

my development kit is connected to pc using cable.




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Hi paramvir.in@gmail.com,

Hi paramvir.in@gmail.com,

I suppose that something got wrong with the programming voltage supply. The procedure requires a quite stable supply, so I would suggest you to check OTP programming supply. Please note, 6.8V can only be applied to VPP after VBAT3V is supplied and 6.8v must be removed from VPP before the supply to VBAT3V is removed. Otherwise the chip could be damaged. The 6.8V supply must be applied without ringing. The overshoot could also cause damage. If you don’t apply the 6.8V you won’t be able to burn the OTP and you will get this error, don’t use the GPIO that controls the VPP (this option is board specific and controls the VPP duration of the 580 through an external transistor) and apply 6.8V to VPP pin in order to burn the OTP after finishing the burning procedure remove the 6.8V. Please check the VPP description in Table 1 of the DA14580 datasheet.

Thanks, PM_Dialog