Using Smart Snippet tool box for the first time

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Using Smart Snippet tool box for the first time


I have installed SDK 5.0.4 Trying to upload firmware into DA14580. 

D:\1new\5.0.4   // SDK location

D:\SmartSnippetsStudio2.0.12   // Studio location

D:\SmartSnippetsToolbox5.0.12  // Toolbox location

I have followed this 

Please try to change the regions setting and after that follow the steps below:

  • Select the SDK directory as a workspace. For DA14580 device, the latest SDK is SDK5.0.4
  • In the case of DA14580 device, you should “Treat as DA1458x 5.03 SDK”
  • Open the Toolbox from the SmartSnippets Studio v2.0.6 user interface
  • Press “OK” in the pop-up window popup telling "SDK configuration xml file could not be found. Using bundled support packs". The SDK5.0.4 does not already support the xml pack.
  • Select or create a project from the list
  • Select the COM Port or the JTAG and choose DA14580-01
  • After that, press the “Open” button and you should be able to open the Toolbox. If it does not open immediately, please wait for a few minutes.

Here I'm not able to select the Open option. as I'm launching for the first time.

In another document, I have read this, 

"New: When the application launches for the first time, there will be no settings file; the user will have to create one by pressing the ‘New’ button. The settings file name should be unique and should not contain any spaces or special characters. When saving the new settings file, a new folder with the name of the settings file is created under the Projects directory of the SmartSnippets™ Toolbox workspace. Under this folder, an xml file named project.sms is created to store the information and the user preferences regarding this settings file."

But don't know what are the settings I need to write in setting files.

Please help with this not able to flash the firmware into DA14580.









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Hi HarishKumar,

Hi HarishKumar,

Please try to open the SmartSnippets Toolbox (SST) directly. You should get a pop-up wind like the attached screenshots. Could you please check that you have similar configuration?

If the left column is empty, you should press the “New” button and set a name (you can add any name / description you want).

Please also check the SST user manual (link is provided below)

Thanks, PM_Dialog