Using the WiRa dev kit with the other sample projects

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Using the WiRa dev kit with the other sample projects

I have a WiRa dev kit with the two USB sticks and OLED displays. Each of the non-WiRa sample projects state that you need a Pro dev kit, is that true, and if not what do I need to modidfy in the source to support the WiRa dev kit?

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Hi apdobaj,

Hi apdobaj,

Thanks for your question online. The SDK10 can be used either with the USB Kit or with the Pro-DK. To do so, you could run any of the SDK projects or any of the SW Examples that are available on the support website.

Specifically for the WiRa SDK, some PCB modifications required as described in section 4.1 Hardware on the UM-B-137_DA1469x_Wireless_Ranging_SDK user guide.

PS : Changing the device selection in your initial post from DA14580 to DA1469x, as it is a WiRa question.

Thanks, PM_Dialog