What is "SDK RF Tools Command Line Interface Application"

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What is "SDK RF Tools Command Line Interface Application"

Hi, i want to do RF testing for my board and compare it with Dev Kit Range Extender daughter card. 

So i am following Document named as "um-b-074_da1468x_range_extender_daughterboard_1v1" and after flashing the firmware in the devkit, i do not know how to test it.

Will it be test with Smart Snippet Studio Tool box 


SDK RF Tools Command Line Interface Application

1 - For smart snippet studio toolbox i had tested with plt_fw but how can i test this firmwre with tool box ?

2 - What is the meaning of "SDK RF Tools Command Line Interface Application" ? (Document : um-b-074_da1468x_range_extender_daughterboard_1v1 , Page 37 under tools)

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Hi mahmed106,

Hi mahmed106,

Please download the latest version (v2.0.8) of SmartSnippets studio from our support website. Since you installed it, open the SmartSnippets toolbox and you will find the “RM Master” from the “Layout” tab. RF master is an implementation of Bluetooth SIG standardized receiver and transmitter HCI commands and additional custom test HCI commands. You could also read the user guide for getting started the RF Master and will toolbox in general. For downloading the user guide. Click to the “Help” button which is on the top left corner. Please let me know if you have any other questions or issues. 

Thanks, PM_Dialog