Where to find SDK5.0.3?

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Diego Garcia
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Where to find SDK5.0.3?

I'm getting started to BLE and DA14580 programming with the Training Materials, but since the serie is written for the SDK5.0.3. I'm having some problems using SDK5.0.4, cause some documents referres to missing or renamed files.
I've been looking for SDK5.0.3 for a while, but I've been unable to find it.

if someone could provide a link, I would be very grateful

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Hi Diego Garcia,

Hi Diego Garcia,

The SDK5.0.3 is a very old version of SDK and it is not currently supported. Only SDK5.0.4 is available on our support website and this version is officially supported. You are right, the training materials are based on SDK5.0.3, but most of steps are the same on SDK5.0.4. There is not any roadmap to update the training material on SDK5.0.4, because we move into DA14585/6 product family and our new SDK6. Please have a look at DA14585/6 products! You will find grate variety of software example that will help you to getting started.


However, regarding your question, could you please let me know which training material are you trying to accomplish ad which your problem is? I will try to help you in order to fix it on SDK5.0.4.

Thanks, PM_Dialog