BLE, how to add user data?

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BLE, how to add user data?

Hi, Dialog
For BLE specification, how does the user add his data in BLE protocol?
Is there any manual for operating step by step? which project is the best start point? ble_adv, pxp_reporter, peripheral_demo?
1. how to define a new GAP, GATT....?
2. what data type does BLE support?
3. how to create a new task to gather data and send by BLE?
4. how to arrange interrupt if the sensor's data had to be got by timer/bus interrupt?

Where can I get the sample code of IOT sensor kit ? The SDK 1.0.8 might be something lost.

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Hi jamesleo-konka,

Hi jamesleo-konka,

I dont get the question "how the user add his data in BLE protocol", what do you mean ?

Regarding the step by step guide, a good start would be the documents:

  • UM-B-056 DA1468x Software Developer's Guide.pdf
  • UM-B-044 DA1468x Software Platform Reference.pdf

What is a good starting point, depends on how familiar you are with the BLE protocol, the simplest project is the ble_adv demo.

I dont get the how to define the GAP and GATT or the data type that BLE supports question, you should be more specific on this or check the BLE specification.

Now sending user data on a client device requires to create a custom service, enable the notifications (in order for the server to notify your client with new data, thats is the most common way for a BLE server to send data at a BLE client), read the sensor and eventually update tha characteristic and send the data. You can check the proximity reporter for some additional implementation details.

In the last question i dont quite understand it as well, if you would like to take periodic samples from a sensors, you can create a timer and read the sensor periodically or use the wakeup controller, in order for the interrupt of the sensor to wakeup the device and execute a read, always via using the adapters of each peripheral.

The IoT reference design is not available for the 68x family, only for the 583 SoC.

Thanks MT_dialog