BLE mode, adding I2C sensor

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BLE mode, adding I2C sensor

Hi, Dialog
I checked the peripherals demo project (..\DA1468x_SDK_BTLE_v_1.0.8.1050.1\projects\dk_apps\demos\peripherals_demo) and found that this is not a 'BLE' project - no RF trans/receive.
I know that the peripheral device with I2C or UART or SPI will cost more power, but usually you need to add a sensor with analog/digital interface.
Is there a good sample for that? in BLE mode and have the external sensor ? and the programming manual?

For low power application, most of the peripheral part works in interrupt mode. how to make use of the DMA feature of DA1468x in BLE mode? Any guide to plan a digital sensor in BLE mode ? (bus operation time limit, DMA channels, interrupt, RTOS, task manager....)

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Hi jamesleo-konka,

Hi jamesleo-konka,

There is no sample application that uses the 68x peripheral devices with BLE functionallity, the peripherals demo example, demonstrates how you can use various peripherals, with or without the DMA. So please check the peripherals_demo example (check the platform_devices.h file where the devices and the corresponding peripherals are initiated) and also you will be able to find additional information in UM-B-044-DA1468x Software Platform Reference v3.0.pdf at paragraph 11 for how to properly use the adapters of each peripheral, also you will be able to find some examples in the Doxygen documentation.

Thanks MT_dialog