DA14680 FCC Scripting

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DA14680 FCC Scripting

I am scheduled for FCC testing on a chip down design with the DA14680 SoC. I had planned on putting the device in Direct Test Mode and use HCI commands to exercise the radio for the lab. It turns out that their Bluetooth Tester does not support Direct Test Mode for BLE. I need to perform the following functions within the script:

1) Ability to select the operating frequency channels (Low/Mid/High)

2) Ability to control the output power (maximum)

I am now planning to enable the SUOTA bootloader on the board and come prepared with multiple binary files to flash during testing. My question is where do I need to modify the BLE code to enable this behavior?

Thank you

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Hi PiMios,

Hi PiMios,

Currently there is not a standard way to do this. Try to check the proximity reporter project which is the only project that includes the SUOTA application and try to embed the functionallity from that example, check the pxp_reporter_task.c file and what is the db_configSUOTA_SUPPORT includes when it is defined and replicate that in your project. Also please check the UM-B-056-DA1468x Software Developer's Guide v3.1.pdf on section 8 from more information regarding SUOTA.

Thanks MT_dialog