Data Exchange with Android Device over BLE

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Data Exchange with Android Device over BLE

Hello !

I'm using DA14681 kit, and I would like to create a simple application for exchanging data with an android device "securely".

Would you please suggest me a tutorial / reference for :
* Exchanging data over BLE
* Securing the data channel ?

Thank you in advance !

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Hi Rashedkoutayni,

Hi Rashedkoutayni,

You can check the hrp_sensor example, check the different profiles created (the profiles are created via a generic way custom and SIG profiles are created the same way) and how the data are pushed to the central. For example check the hrs profile, how the profile is created in the hrs_init() function and how the service is set with the characteristics and the callbacks. After the creation of the database (after the hrs_init() has run) a timer is created in order to update the service's values, so, when the timer elapses, the hrp_sensor_task() gets notified and the code in the if(notif & HRS_TIMER_NOTIF) executes eventually the hrs_notify_measurement() will run and will notify the central application. Also please check the UM-B-044_DA1468x Software Platform Reference.pdf for looking at the api etc. Regarding the security, the bms example is a quite good one for security.

Thanks MT_dialog