ACMP_H/ACMP_L Difference

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Yurii Shchebel
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ACMP_H/ACMP_L Difference


Could you please let me know what is the difference between ACMP_H and ACMP_L in SLG46826 GPAK IC?

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Hi Yurii, Two of four are

Hi Yurii, Two of four are optimized for high speed operation (ACMP0H and
ACMP1H), and the other two are optimized for low power operation (ACMP2L and ACMP3L). The outputs become valid 51.4us(max) and 326.6us(max) after power up for ACMP0H, ACMP1H and ACMP2L, ACMP3L respectively. Approximate current consumption  at VDD = 5.0 V is near 46uA for ACMP0H, ACMP1H and 4uA for ACMP2L, ACMP3L. Thanks for your question!