Can PAK4Kit (2017) program I2C SLG46824V / SLG46826V?

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Can PAK4Kit (2017) program I2C SLG46824V / SLG46826V?

Hi. We wish to test for new designs, the SLG46824V and SLG46826V devices. We are about to place an order for a few boards related to this device. Can the tools (from 2017, PAK4Kit) be used with the 20 pin zero force socket for these parts? Did observe that pin 14 on the new SLG46824V-SKT board is now VD2 rather than "pin 14".

Or would you recommend that we source only the SLG46824V-SKT and mate with our base board from 2017? Or just order both, a new base board + SLG46824V-SKT?

Summary: Is the SLG4DVKADV a new and revised base board to support the new I2C devices? (SLG46824V & SLG46826V).


Sorry, one more question but believe the answer is yes.

With these new I2C programmable devices, can we solder in a fresh part and using our I2C master, program the NVM matrix for our "firmware" to morph the pins to suit? That is our intent and was the relatively high risk in soldering in OTP devices. This is a very nice and welcomed feature. Effectively a low cost replacement for FPGA for simple GPIO use.

Please assist. Many thanks!!


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Hi Kumar, thanks for your

Hi Kumar, thanks for your question!

Yes, the GreenPAK Advanced Development Board (SLG4DVKADV) supports I2C devices SLG46824V & SLG46826V. The only thing you need to order is 20 pin zero force socket Socket Adapter TQFN-20#4 (ordering info: SLG4SA20SP-20x30 Socket Adapter).


And yes, you can program ISP supporting devices (SLG46824 & SLG46826) after soldering them in. Please refer I2C Tool section, “External chip” (p.129).

Also you may use ISP board

Please let us know if you have any more questions.

Good luck!