EEPROM write current on SLG46826

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EEPROM write current on SLG46826

Hello, I'm looking at the SLG46826 for a new design. I'm running the supply from 2 super caps , so I might have some supply impedance constraints. Can you give me an approximate peak current the device takes when you write to EEPROM (emulated) ? I can always add some hold up capacitance, just need to get a rough figure of merit for the peak/duration so I can size that. I know some EEPROM take 4-5mA or higher, so just want to check. I couldn't see this in the datasheet. Thanks Vincent.

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Hi Vincent_P, thank you for

Hi Vincent_P, thank you for that important question. Typical consumption of writing/erasing of the SLG46826 EEPROM is 1.6mA up to 3.0mA max at VDD= (2.5...5.5) V.