Emulation/Test Mode mode not working

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Emulation/Test Mode mode not working

I have just installed GreenPAK4 Designer v6.15 on Win7 x64. I cannot get the Development Board (Rev 1.3.1) to respond in debug mode (i.e. I cannot emulate the design). I've tried going back to v6.14 but it still does not work. GreenPAK does appear to see the board as indicated by the dialog box at the bottom of the screen [GreenPAK Advanced Developement Board [ID:0x502] In use], but all controls (blink, refresh, etc) are greyed out.

I can run emulation mode on my work computer (running Windows 10) with the exact same board and project.

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Hi jpalm, please check if the

Hi jpalm, please check if the only one designer is launched and one debug tool is running. If you have connected devboard to the new port windows inslalling HID-driver and it sometimes requires to reconnect the board and/or relanuch the designer tool.