GreenPAK Designer 6.10 launch programming tool?

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GreenPAK Designer 6.10 launch programming tool?

GreenPAK Designer Users Guide 6.10 says to launch the programmer you can press F10, but that opens the I2C Reconfigurator.
It also says you can launch the programmer from the Windows main menu.
The Windows 10 Start menu only lists versions of GreenPAK Designer for the different device families.

How do you launch the programmer?

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Hi lottabull, thanks a lot

Hi lottabull, thanks a lot for your question, it helps us to fix User Guide. Launching programming by F10 key relates to SLG46200 device so it's a bit obsolete information. For the newer devices, programming option becomes available in debug mode after choosing Development platform by Shift+P or "Program" button in the Debugging controls window. Also, you can change the shortcut in Options/Settings/Shortcuts menu.