How to Estimate the power consumption of the GreenPak devices

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How to Estimate the power consumption of the GreenPak devices


 we are working on a battery operated, small formfactor board and trying to see whether i can optimize the board size by combining any of the components/functions/PU-PDs by using GreenPak devices.But i am not sure about the power consumption of the GreenPak devices. Is there any documentation available to estimate the power consumption of these devices? I just downloaded GreenPak designer but i dont see any power estimator options available (like in FPGA development tools). Please let me the know details for power estimation. You can give me any of the GreenPak device as reference. 

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Hi Sivakumar,

Hi Sivakumar,

GreenPak devices are optimized for battery-operated devices e.g. smartphones, wireless headphones, Bluetooth sensors, etc. Typical quiescent current consumption is less than 1uA with a shutdown analog part. So you are on the right way. Unfortunately there is no option for power estimation in the GreenPak Designer, but you can take the averages from the datasheets.

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