how to set unused pins?

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how to set unused pins?

Hello SUpport team,

pls. can you answer following questions:

  1. We are not using LD0/LDO1/DLO2/LDO3 : how to disable them ? What to do about the unused pins as well ?
  2. We are not using the I2C block: how to disable it ? Can we ground PIN8 and PIN9 internally ?



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Hi Tilo,

Hi Tilo,

These LDOs are disabled by default and their dedicated PINs can not be used for another function. So unused inputs should be grounded, outputs floating, SCL and SDA should keep pulling up to VDD. How about moving the design to another GPAK device?

Thanks and regards,


thahn (not verified)
Thx Pavlo.

Thx Pavlo.

was intention using LDO initially, but changed later on. However, Layout was already done and boards ready.