I2C voltage level

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I2C voltage level

Hello GreenPAK team,

I have a board design with DA14695 and SLG46826. For some reasons, I should supply SLG46826 with a 5V source. I made all GPAK outputs, connected to MCU, as open-drain, pulled up to MCU VDD and it looks correct. But I have a little misunderstanding: in the datasheet, page 19, table 7 I see min Vih = 0.7Vdd, 3.5V in my case, what is not acceptable for DA14695. But in GreenPAK6 Designer I see another data for 5V supply: Vih = 2.494V and Vil = 2.227V, what is acceptable. Which one is right? In datasheet or in GPAK Designer?

BR, Egor

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Hi aectaan,

Hi aectaan,

Thank you for your question,

Table 7 in the DS for 826 shows standard I2C spec and the chip fits almost all of them, except where the notes are. But in the case of Vih and Vil, the chip performance is better. The numbers in the Designer show actual characterization data. So it is safe to rely on these data.

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