LED problems on a Green Pak Advanced Development Platform SLG46826

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LED problems on a Green Pak Advanced Development Platform SLG46826


I'm trying to develop a image for a SLG46826, but I'm having problem configuring some of the outputs to drive the LEDs.

When I right-click on the "NC" circle just to the right of pin 20 (for example); but I notice that the box for "LED enabled". The board has and LED assigned
to this pin, and the pin is configured as an output, so why can't I enable the LED assigned to this pin?

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Hi tonjonDIAG,

Hi tonjonDIAG,

thanks for your question. SLG46826 device has two VDDs and, unfortunately, there is no such option to use LEDs on VDD2 side, however devices with single VDD has LED available at all output PINs.