Metal Detector using SLG46620V

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Metal Detector using SLG46620V

I have downloaded the example file and have a list of errors, has anyone else tried and succeeded to get this project at

Pulse Induction Metal Detector With GreenPAK : 5 Steps - InstructablesPulse Induction Metal Detector With GreenPAK : 5 Steps - Instructables

working?, or can explain what the errors mean?


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Thank you for your interesting in trying out this particular project with GPAK. Based on the error I see, here is an explanation

1. PGA wrong gain setting : The gain is set to x0.25 as opposed to x1 due to chip realibility and that shouldn't create any problems in the design

2. PIN10 macrocell settings are not default : When a macrocell is unused, please select it and bring it to the main working panel. There, right click on the macrocell -> Reset Macrocell -> Set connections to default. This should take care of the problem

Please let me know if you have further questions

Kind Regards