P-FET Current Output

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P-FET Current Output


I am trying to implement an SLG46116 chip into a sensing system and I am having trouble understanding the current flow through the PFET switch. In the spec sheet (https://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/sites/default/files/slg46116r109_10...) it includes information regarding IDSpk = 1.25 A as well as a Vin vs Max IDS chart. However, I am confused as to how one could calculate the current flowing out of the switch into an external member. The external sensing member has not yet been finalized and tested for resistivity, but I want to make sure that this chip will be able to maintain that Safe Operating Range mentioned in the spec sheet.

Thanks in advance for the help!

-- Tyler

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Hi talbright, let me try to

Hi talbright, let me try to answer your question.
IDSpk is 1.5A. Max and continues current values depend on the VIN. You can find a plot that shows Safe Operation Area for VIN vs. Max IDS in the datasheet section 5.10 VIN vs. Max IDS, Safe Operation Area. Typically 1A continues current is safe.
The output current of the switch is not controlled (there is no current limiting or thermal shutdown circuits). Going above the mentioned parameters will lead to chip damage.

Also, I would recommend to look to newer chips like SLG46125M, SLG46127M with dual 2A P-FETs and more logic resources inside.