Possible Bug in the Comparitor Hysteresis View

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Possible Bug in the Comparitor Hysteresis View

Hi guys,

We implemented a comparitor hysteresis in GreenPAK3 Designer v6.12 and weren't seeing the results we expected. It appears that the software is giving misleading guidance on what to expect. When looking a the description for the comparitor it says:

200mV: is a +0mV and -200mV hysteresis. For Vref=1V, the trigger points will be 1V and 0.8V. Only applies if Vref is internal;

However the software shows with an IN- Source of 1000mV typical ACMP thresholds of:

V_IH (mV) 1100 and V_IL (mv) 900

Based on the above description, should this not be showing V_IH (mV) 1000 and V_IL (mv) 800?

Screenshot attached.

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Thanks Alistair. I'll get one

Thanks Alistair. I'll get one f the team to look at this straight away. BR john

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Hi Alistair, thanks for your

Hi Alistair, thanks for your question.

All hysteresis options in SLG46127 chip are two ways. So, by setting Vref=1000mV and 200mV hysteresis the switching points will be 900mV and 1100mV. To get 1V and 0.8V switching points the Vref of ACMP0 in the design should be changed to 900mV. It looks like it is a mistake in the Detailed Information. We will correct it as soon as possible.