Reset DFF/LATCH over I2C

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Reset DFF/LATCH over I2C

I'm trying to design an interrupt multiplexer with a single open-drain output and a set of latches for each input interrupt. The idea is that the MCU wakes up from the GreenPAK's interrupt and then interrogates it over I2C for disambiguation. That part seems to work.

Now I want to instrument an I2C operation to reset those latches until the next interrupt. How do I do this? Looking through the data sheet for this device, I see references like this:

Matrix OUT
IN2 of LUT3_0 or nRST (nSET) of DFF3


So which bit do I change? How do I programmatically reset the latch? Am I misreading the data sheet?

If I tie all the nRST signals together into the same network and then use some macrocell I can manipulate over I2C, what would be a good choice here? A GPIO? A LUT?




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Hi Peter,

Hi Peter,

could you please share the design or just draft part of it for easy understandig the issue.

You can send it to my email to keep it confidential.