SLG46620 battery

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SLG46620 battery


I would like to solder a SLG46620 to a PCB with a battery in order to use one day autonomy and I am not sure if power consumption estimated for the complete system depend from all components or only which I have configurate before compile the system in the chip .

Anyway, it is possible to calculate a stimate value of the power consumption in the chip?

PD: I would like to use the system with a 2V VDD. 

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Hi danmalper1, 

Hi danmalper1, 

Thanks for your question,

Yes, you can estimate the current consumption using datasheet. There is a Table 2. Typical Current Consumption (page 15 is DS) for the different chip components like ACMPs, OSCs, ADC, ets. 

The calculating of current consumption is very tricky, because the data shown in DS accords to the pure block. For example, pure RC OSC 2MHz consumes ~37.47uA at 1.8VDD, but if you use RC OSC 2MHz as a clock for a several different blocks like CNT/DLYs, DFFs or LUTs, the current consumption will exponentially grow. That's why it is hard to estimate the current consumption. It is better to measure it. 

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Oleh Sapiha