SLG46824 fails to rewrite NVM

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SLG46824 fails to rewrite NVM

Hi, I'm using STM NucleoF401 with Arduino Shied custom expansion board that use a SLG46824 device.The NVM programming code was ported from AN-CM-255 SLG46824_6 MTP Arduino Programming Example (MTP_Programmer).
I have successfully programmed my SLG46824, and my custom board is working fine.
But once programmed, I'm not able to reprogram the device. For example, I tried to change the I2C address from 0x10 to 0x20 (writing 0x02 into register 0xCA of NVM), but nothing happens, the device answer always at address 0x10.
Where I have wrong? Can you help me to understand this issue?
Many thanks for help.

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Hi Barbieri,

Hi Barbieri,

thanks a lot for your work, we probably have found an issue in appnote AN-CM-255 SLG46824_6 and it will be updated soon. So use only for the reference.

But, to help you quickly, could you please share part of STM code related to SLG46824 read/write? (you can use mail to keep your code privacy)