SLG46824 Vs SLG46826 which IC to choose?

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SLG46824 Vs SLG46826 which IC to choose?

Hi I am interested to use one of these two chips SLG46824-826 for multiple time programmability. I have few questios:

1. Does NVM multiple time reprogrammable means one can change anything not just specific macrocells or blocks?

2. In datasheet, what this means in the section : CHIP CONFIGURATION DATA PROTECTION for Current counter value and some macrocells it is only possible to read in unlock mode and not write. So my question is with multiple time programmable feature can we modify or set new counter values also? How emulated EEPROM in 826 helps in the application can you please send such an example.


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Hi nik33, 

Hi nik33, 

Thank you for your questions, 

1. Yes, you are right, NVM multiple time reprogrammable means that you are able to change the whole design including PINs, blocks, macrocells configuration, all the connections between the blocks, and other NVM registers that are available for changing.

2. There are several registers, which can't be written through I2C. For example, you can't write the output state of any block(Macrocells Output Values), because its output state is determined by the design functionality, or can't write data Current Counter Value (not to be confused with Counter Data).

Regarding the new counter value, if you are talknig about the Counter Data, then yes, you can easily rewrite it using I2C. There are several dedicated registers: (0xA5-0xA6), (0xAA), (0xAF), (0xB3), (0xB8), (0xBC), (0xC1), (0xC6) for CNT0/DLY0 - CNT7/DLY7 accordingly.

Regarding the EEPROM, using GreenPAK Designer you can write the data you want to store into the EEPROM, please see the attached file. But this is only memory and GPAK can't operate with it without an external I2C master. 

SLG46824 vs SLG46826 which IC to choose? Both IC has the same amount of LUTs, CNT/DLY blocks, PINs, etc. , they are both multiple-time programmable. The only difference is the EEPROM onboard, so if you don't need an external 2kbit EEPROM memory, you can choose SLG46824, otherwise, please choose SLG46826. 

Please let me know if you have any further questions. 

Best regards,