SLG46826 memory protection

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SLG46826 memory protection

Hello Dialog,
quick question on the SLG46826 eeprom : page 106. The 16 * 16 page of emulated EEPROM : can different pages have a different protection level ? so I can create a block of "restricted area" I program once on my production line that is effectively then write protected by WPRE, and I have other blocks that are open to be written in future.
Table 59 suggests this can be done in blocs of 4 (quartiles). Is this correct ?
Thanks ,Vince.

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Hi Vincent_P, the answer is

Hi Vincent_P, the answer is yes. Please note that WPRE enables protection, and then you also have to configure your design by Write Protect Block Bits (WPB1:WPB0) and Protect Lock Bit (PRL). Thanks.