SLG59H1013V Questions

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Michael Dalby
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SLG59H1013V Questions


I have a few questions with regards to the operation of the SLG59H1013V Power Switch:

1) Can the current limit be set to lower than 1A (91K) - I wish to set a trip value of 500mA, is this possible ?

2) When the current limit is reachedwhat happens to the output - is the output shut off (no current flow) or is the output held at the set current limit (throttled)?

3) I wish to use the device for a 24Vdc application. So with the 'SEL' line high the device will monitor the VIN for undervoltage/overvoltage - what happens to the output if an undervoltage condition occurs - do you just get an error flag or is the output automatically turned off (if so can this be prevented/overridden)?

4) Is there an evaluation board available fo the SLG59H1013V Power Switch?

Many thanks


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Hello Michael,

Hello Michael,

To address your questions:

  1. We do not recommend setting the current limit lower than 1 A.  500 mA is already set as the current limit for the short circuit condition. Setting the current limit lower will also affected the ALC accuracy.
  2. The SLG59H1013V will try and maintain the current at its ACL threshold, if a thermal shutdown or SOA is triggered, the output will shutdown down and it will then automatically try to power up until you set ON Low or the over current condition is removed.
  3. In the case of an under-voltage condition it will assert the fault signal low and turn off the output until VIN recovers to the operation range. UVLO and OVLO cannot be disabled.
  4. Yes, we have Eval boards. I can have a sales rep reach out.

Kind regards,

Elliott Dexter