SLG59H1128V Part Behaviour during start up

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SLG59H1128V Part Behaviour during start up


We are using SLG59H1128V part in our application. have few clarification on this. can you please help me.

1. What will be the behaviour of this chip during start up when only capacitive load is present. As per datasheet Load capacitance is given as 22uF. will this chip support the capacitive load of 500uF to 1mF ( please note that during power, there will be no load connected at this chip output)

2.  Do we need to add any minimum resistive load for this chip output to solve start up issue ( we are operating this chip at 17V).



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Hello. Thank you for your

Hello. Thank you for your question.

1. Chip will power up normally as resistive load is not required. On page 25 and 26 you can see a recommendations for choosing CSLEW vs CLOAD and RLOAD. In general, you should avoid conditions when 1128 can go in SOA protection (described in the DS) and to do this a right CSLEW should be considered. The higher the CLOAD the higher the capacitor should be for CSLEW. On Page 26 you can see that for 20V (closer to 17V) to power up on 500uF CLOAD the CSLEW should be 66.7nF (select closer higher value).

2. No.

Please let me know if you have any questions.