supply chain issue

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supply chain issue

The forum is not the best way to discuss this issue, but it is one way to start the conversation.
We have a design using a small number of SLG46826V on board. Problem: neither the GreenPAK development tool, or our own programmer tool based off of the applications notes and data sheets have been able to program the parts. Both tools work on the bench using the DIP adaptor versions of the ICs.
Investigation has shown that these parts do not appear to be arriving at the factory default program settings (I2C address 0x08 and ID bytes starting at address 0xF9: 02 B8 01 84 00 00). Instead, they only respond to I2C address 0x00 and the ID bytes are 00 00 04 84 00 00. Further, the parts don't appear to erase properly with the E3 xx commands (no ACK), and do not appear to respond to the I2C reset command. The address 0xE2 comes back as 00 indicating no memory lock in place.
The parts on the PCBs are blank except for the pin 1 indicator, which appears to be the same as parts on hand. The package and footprint conform to the SLG46826V.
We need to determine if these parts are valid and if they can be programmed in-circuit despite these discrepancies. Can you confirm that parts in distribution are routinely not labelled and if this is not the case, what does the lack of a label indicate?

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