Using GreenPAK without programming the NVM.

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Using GreenPAK without programming the NVM.


If I understand right, when using the GreenPack Deigner with the Developement board in emulation mode, the configuration I made is loaded into the chip in the socket into some RAM-like memory and the function that I want to test is realized by the chip in the socket. If I understand right again, the chip is programmed trough the I2C interface of it.

My question is: Can I use the I2C interface to configure the chip from an MCU after POR?  This way, we can reconfigure the GreenPAK chip differently, let's say after an firmware upgrade of the host MCU and not use the OTP memory of the GeenPAK at all.

Thanks for support!


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Hi Antoine, 

Hi Antoine, 

You can only change some internal blocks configuration e.g. counter data or virtual outputs via I2C using SLG46533 device. If you want to fully reconfigure device by host MCU please use SLG46826 device.

Thanks for your question!