DA7212 headphone output clarification

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DA7212 headphone output clarification

We have a DA7212 Reference Board (169-02-A) that produces a beep with no issue.

We also have a DA7212 on our own custom board that doesn't produce a beep when we set all the same register values. In order to get the beep on the headphone output we have to configure the SYSTEM_MODES_OUTPUT (0x51) register to enable DAC and HP outputs.

I just needed clarification on why this register (0x51) can be set to 0 on the reference board, but we have to set it for our own board.

The DA7212 datasheet explains that register 0x51 configures the SCL2 and explains that "Level 2 system controller (SCL2) is a higher level controller that provides one-touch activation of standard operating modes." So it seems that when we configure this register we can easily enable the DAC and HP. Is there a way to disable the SCL2 and replicate the configuration of the reference board?

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Hello Alvarov,

Hello Alvarov,

That’s interesting. The script for that works with the reference board should work with your demo board. So there could either be a small difference in the script or the clocks do not have enough time to be present in the system before the output paths are enabled. The normal procedure would be to use SYSTEM_MODEs to enable the DAC and HP outputs. There could be chance that these are in the wrong order.

Could you share with the script for the reference board and the edited script for demo board?


On your last point, you do not have to write to the System level controllers, you can enable the blocks manually, but the SLC will give optimum performance.


Kind regards,

Elliott Dexter