DA7212 MIC1 noise in recording

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DA7212 MIC1 noise in recording

Hi Support team,

I am using da7212-EVAL board. i am successfully port driver in linux and also successfully playback audio on 'HP' jack by applying following ALSA command.
$ amixer -q cset name='Headphone Volume' 41%
$ amixer -q cset name='Headphone Switch' on
$ amixer -q cset name='Mixout Left DAC Left Switch’ on
$ amixer -q cset name='Mixout Right DAC Right Switch’ on

$ aplay test.wav

But when i am trying to record audio through mic1 it record audio with noise. following ALSA command i am using to record file.
$ amixer -q cset name='Mic 1 Volume' 71%
$ amixer -q cset name='Mic 1 Switch' on
$ amixer -q cset name='Mic 1 Amp Source MUX' ‘Differential’
$ amixer -q cset name='Mixin Left Mic 1 Switch' on
$ amixer -q cset name='Mixin Right Mic 1 Switch' on
$ amixer -q cset name='Mixin PGA Volume' 47
$ amixer -q cset name='Mixin PGA Switch' on
$ amixer -q cset name='ADC Volume' 76%
$ amixer -q cset name='ADC Switch' on

$ arecord –f cd –t wav output.wav

i have attached recorded file output.wav.pdf please remove .pdf extention
Please help me or guide me how to resolve this issue.

NOTE:- I am refer 'DA7213 Linux Device Driver Application Note' for porting driver in linux.


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It does sound like clock related since the path is actually working, are all your clocks configured after doing the Playback ?