DA7217 System Controller 1

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DA7217 System Controller 1


I am trying to program the DA7217 with two ananlog MICs input and I2S output. The sampling rate is 16KHz. MCLK is 24 MHz. My IO voltage is 3.3V. I am running the codec in master mode. After programming the necessary registers, the codec seems running: it generates the correct 16KHz WCLK and 512 KHz BCLK. However, there is no data on DATAOUT line. I checked the mic input on my scope. The input signal varies with my voice. So somehow the data is not routed to the I2S bus.

I read back most of the register values after programming the codec. The file is attached.

There is one register SYSTEM_STATUS ( 0x16) shows the system controller 1 is busy. I am not sure if it is supposed to be busy.

I appreciate if anyone helps me to review the register settings and let me know what prevent the data from outputting the I2S bus.

This is rather urgent since we are holding the production line to make sure I can make this codec work. Otherwise, we have to switch to our old design with a different manufacturer codec. So please help me on this.



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If the System Controller is

If the System Controller is still busy it means it has not completed the setup, which will cause the issues you have observed.

You need to add a delay after the writes to the System Controller to allow it to complete before doing anything else.