DA9062 first time Programming for zynq7010 customboard

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DA9062 first time Programming for zynq7010 customboard


we nearly finishe a zynq7010 project with a DA9062.
we used the following Powering, where only the vbucks are used for the powering of the zynq. the vldos are used for othe components on the board.
Vbuck1: 1V0 (Zynq)
Vbuck2: 1V0 (Zynq)
Vbuck3: 1V8 (Zynq)
Vbuck4: 1V35 (DDR3L)

VLDO1: 1V8 (none zynq components)
VLDO2: 3V3 (none zynq components)
VLDO3: 3V3 (none zynq components)
VLDO4: 3V3 (none zynq components)

for this, we need a custom project for our DA9062, so we want go with the "power comand mode" so we can programm the DA9062 in the customboard with the computer.
the DA9062 is power with a 5V .
We read, that a voltage of 5V is needed on the TP pin to bring the device in the PC Mode - so we can program the DA9062 with our program. (7,5V is needed for the OTP Mode).

we already have a lot of I2C programmer (for example the texas instrument USB interface adapter) and are interessted to use one which we already have in our labatory.
Our question is, can we programm the DA9062 with any I2C programmer when we handle the TP pin extern on our board?
Or should we need a evaluation kit form DIalog to programm the DA9062 on our customboard the first time?
or do you do you have sugestion for us how we can program our DA9062 in our customboard, and how we can handle the first tim programming.


Tony Graham
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Hi Alex,

Hi Alex,

You will need to use the Dialog In-Circuit Programming Kit. This is available from Avnet as 'DA9061_2_3 ICP KIT'. May I suggest you start with our application note 'AN-PM-080' which is attached and also available from the Dialog website (https://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/products/da9062). The ap-note explains the whole workflow, from how to configure your hardware, and how to program the parts using the ICP Kit.

Best Regards, Tony Graham