DA9062 Preconfigured for Artix-7

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DA9062 Preconfigured for Artix-7

Is there a DA9062 preconfigured for use with the Artix-7 without requiring an evaluation/dev board or ini file to program it?  We are prototyping a handful of custom developed Artix-7 boards and right now, it seems impossible to purchase just a handful of DA9062-00AM1s (and I don't know if those are preconfigured or not but the Arty A7 board schematics lists that PMIC) while the DA9062-10AM1 is available in small quantities but doesn't appear to be a perfect match for the Artix-7?




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Hello Stephen,

Hello Stephen,
Sorry for the slow response. We do not currently have a standard variant for te Artix-7. However you select a PMIC based upon on you power requirements and then use our In-system programming parts for production. We have a few seed .ini files that can be used as a trusted starting point.

Here is a link to our Artix-7 apps note:


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