DECT based multispeaker solution

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DECT based multispeaker solution


I'm looking for a about possibility to create DECT based multi-speaker system.

The idea is create (for example one FP) "broadcast" audio (must be high-quality, so narrowband is not an option) to plenty PP (more then 10 - 20).
Basically I'd like to create a system where I can add new wireless speakers, connect them to one FP and play this same audio steram on all of them (for example in large conference room).

Communication (u-plane) doesn't need to be bidirectional (I need only one direction FP → PP), but it would be nice to have possibility to exchange some data between FP ↔ PP via c-plane.

As far as I see Dialog did something quite similar POC with Inteno ( page 28).

So my questions:

Q1: Is there already any documentation available I can read about this solution?
Q2: Are there any dev-kits I can order to test this solution?
Q3: How many PP I can connect (in parallel) to one FP (by connect here I mean stream audio from FP to PP)?
Q4: Is communication (c-plane) FP -> PP bidirectional or not?

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Hello Piotr,

Hello Piotr,

I am currently talking to the team. We will be in contact shortly.

Kind regards,
Elliott Dexter