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LDO5 stopped

Dear DIalog Semi,

We are using the DA9063 as the power supply of Renesas SoC.
Our circuit has the following structure.
nONKEY = VSYS 100 Kohm PUP
nSHUTDOWN = VIO 33 (LDO 5) 100 Kohm PUP
nRESET = VIO 33 (LDO 5) 100 Kohm PUP
nIRQ = VIO 33 (LDO 5) 100 Kohm PUP

In this configuration most cases operate normally.
However, occasionally the output of the DA9063 stops.

We think that DA 9063 is stopped in the flow below.

LDO 5 (VIO 33) → nSHUTDOWN is asserted → DA 9063 is stopped

(To be exact, the same phenomenon occurs as when LDO 5 is stopped.
 It was not captured the moment when LDO 5 actually stopped. )

DIALOG semi recommends pulling up the nSHUTDOWN terminal of DA9063 with VDDCORE or VSYS.
This is in consideration of the timing of the LDO 5 output at the time of activation of the DA 9063,
I think that it considers "can not start normally at startup".

Since it operates normally in our circuit once,
I think that it does not correspond to this problem.

As a cause of the sudden stop of the LDO 5 output after the DA 9063 is started (after steady operation)
Can you tell me what kind of things can be considered?
(Register rewrite related to LDO setting of DA9063 is not done after starting.
 Register reading of DA9063 is done for monitoring. )

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Hi Makoto- San. Thankyou for

Hi Makoto- San. Thankyou for your question.

I will get one of our local team in Japan to contact you.

With best regards