SC14CVMDECT wideband audio

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SC14CVMDECT wideband audio


I need to use a wideband audio signal for transmission between two sc14 modules.
I'm using the pp2pp mode call. By default, the sound is in narrowband mode.
I'm trying to switch the mode using the sendmail.exe command but module send me an error.
(for example like in manuals: Sendmail.exe 7 1 501A 0C 00 09 00 01 00 06 01 01 03 00 00 01)

Can I use the API_CC_MODIFY_CODEC_REQ command in pp2pp mode or are there other ways to establish communication between the two modules in broadband mode?

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Hello Nikitazharikov

Hello Nikitazharikov

I will look into this for you.

Kind regards,

Elliott Dexter