DA9062 Buck Phase

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DA9062 Buck Phase

Hi There, quick question on the 4 bucks of the DA9062 : what is the phase difference between each of the bucks ? e.g. are they 90 deg out of phase with each other, or some other value. I could not find this in the datasheet. Thanks Jellybean.

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Hello Jellybean,

Hello Jellybean,


The Bucks on the DA9062 operate off the same clock, so they can switch on and off at the same time. However the PMIC can be configured to switch the Bucks at a different clock polarity. This can be achived via the registers BUCK<x>_CLK_INV found in the config tab, this allows the user to alter the polarity. The DA9062 Developer guide has a useful section on the Buck clock control, Section  4.12 on page 11. I will link the document to this post .


Click here for the Developers guide. 


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Elliott Dexter