[DA9063]Question about VBBAT and 32K_OUT

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[DA9063]Question about VBBAT and 32K_OUT

Hi there,

I am working on the design with DA9063.
For the backup battery VBBAT pin, can I connect it an always on power supply 3.3V instead of a real coin battery?
And I'd like to keep 32K_OUT being always alive even the VSYS is off.
Is that workable? Thanks!

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Hi Lilhongyan

Hi Lilhongyan

1. Powering VBBAT from an external power supply unit instead of a coin cell - There should be no problem with this.

2. Regarding generating OUT_32K with no Vsys power - no. When Vsys is removed the VDDIO supplies will be turned off and VDDIO1 supply is configured to power the OUT_32K buffer. 

Kind Regards,

Elliott Dexter