Powering a PCB with Power Commander

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Powering a PCB with Power Commander

What are the minimum connections needed to power my PCB using Dialogs DA9063 mother board and Power commander.

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Hello jeamato,

Hello jeamato,

Just to confirm, are you looking to power your external PCB or provide a communication link between the motherboard and your PCB? When connecting an external device/system/board to the DA9063 mother board, you will have to make a few connections between the mother board and external PCB, these connections may change depending on if you want to use Power commander or a programmed part

If you plan on using powercommander mode, the USB will have to connected to the motherboard, the appropriate GUI installed and the mother board switch is in the powercommander position(Left). All the functions and outputs you require from the DA9063 will have connected to your PCB; you may wish to use your schematic diagram as a reference. For communication between the motherboard and your external PCB you will have to use GPIO14 and GPIO15.  

These Scenarios are based on using the dialog motherboard and socket daughter board.


Kind Regards,

Elliott Dexter