Getting the Proximity demo to work - my solution

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Getting the Proximity demo to work - my solution

For those of you having problems getting the proximity demo to work, here is what I did:
Plug in the demo board and JTAG programmer to USB
Plug in the supplied dongle to another USB. Note which COM port it comes up on.
Load up Keil (I've got ver 5) and open the reporter_fh project.
Close the project and then edit the .uvproj file in the project directory to include the following under
0 JL2CM3 -U228202424 -O78 -S0 -A0 -C0 -JU1 -JI127.0.0.1 -JP0 -RST0 -N00("ARM CoreSight SW-DP") -D00(0BB11477) -L00(0) -TO18 -TC10000000 -TP21 -TDS8007 - TDT0 -TDC1F -TIEFFFFFFFF -TIP8 -TB1 -TFE0 -FO7 -FD20000000 -FC800 - FN0
(as per the instructions in the appendix of the documentation)
Save the file, reload the project. You can now talk to the debugger without crashing (in my case anyway). Set it up as per the documentation, making sure you pick the right one ie not the dongle.
Edit the da14580_config.h file to #undef the sleep options (as detailed on a couple of threads here)
/*Sleep modes*/
DO a fresh rebuild.
Start a debug session (loads the code)
Run the code (F5) - may not be necessary, but it worked for me!)
Stop the debugger - code should be running on its own now. You can unplug the JTAG if you want.
Run the windows monitoring program executable host_proxm_sdk. Give it the correct COM port
Open another instance of Keil
Load the monitor_FE_USB project.
Close it and change the header as above
Reopen it, and set up the JTAG - get the right one
Compile the code and start a debug session.
Press F5 to run the code
Should all work!

Hope that helps a few of you having problems with the proximity demo as I was.