how can i make simple remote control by using SPI interface?

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how can i make simple remote control by using SPI interface?

I have da14580 development kit-pro and wanna design simple remote control (maybe.. it will have 4~5 keys)

And i have several questions.

1. Is it possible to make a remote control with SPI interface?

2. if so, what softwares should i use ? also, if i use and modify the source code of BLE remote control in 'Ref designs' section, can i make the remote control???

these are basic questions and i wanna know about more. please answer to me. Moreover, if you have a source code related to my concern, please let me know about that


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Hello ggkang,

Hello ggkang,

Yes, you could use the remote (HID over GATT) as a starting point . Probably the best lpace to start is the  Keyboard example : This also uses HID over GATT profile. The user manual describes how to customise the key mapping (section 10).

BR JE_Dialog

MH_Dialog (not verified)
Hello ggkang,

Hello ggkang,

what do you want SPI interface used for the remote? Please clarify your purpose
I would recommend using the BLE remote Ref design and modify the key matrix and HID usage report map to fit your remote hardware.