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How to setup external MCU over SPI

I am unable to get DA14580 DevKit-B working with Arduino over SPI interface. Arduino is SPI master, and Blinky hex code is sent to DA kit. Nothing works. Please help - how do I get it to work!

HW header settings (J4): same as Blinky example setting in getting started UMB_0_25

SPI settings DA MISO=P0_5, MOSI=P0_6, SPI CLK=P0_0, SPI_CS=P0_3

I use arduino UART-->SPI to send blinky.axp (CS assert low, xfer hex image, cs assert high)

Nothing happens after all send is completed . How do i fix it?

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Hi sandeep,

Hi sandeep,

Please advice the document UM-B-013 External processor over SPI interface. Hope it helps 

Thanks MT_dialog

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Hi Sandeep,

Hi Sandeep,

You will have to transmit a binary file as described in AN-B-001. Also make sure that you constantly loop the preample sequence (0x50,0x70,0x00,<LSB of file size>) until you receieve an ACK (0x02) from the DA14580. You can use hex2bin to convert from hex to binary file format.