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Alex Luo
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IO burnt

Hi Dialog Team,

I use 14580 to control motor through transisters. during that I switch power supply from LDO to Battery through MOSFET. I may switch it more frequently foe testing, the IO interal should be burnt, that results in consuming current very high (arround 200+mA at 3.3V). The IO works.

The current from the IO to switch transister should be very low, and through a 220ohm resistor. During this IO output, the Vcc switched from LDO to Battery. Battery may be lower voltage...Could you please advise how high current can IO output (it is much lower than 4.8mA)? If higher, IO should ok without burnt? When IO output, Vcc fluctuation may damage the IO? Can you figure out what part burnt and how to care of.


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Hello Alex,

Hello Alex,

can you provide a schematic on dropbox or similar that we can take a look at ? it is a bit difficult with the word description..

Thanks & BR JE_Dialog