IOT / Keil Size Limit

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Craig Flanagan
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IOT / Keil Size Limit

Hi, the limit on the Keil compiler is 32k of code. I was curious what my headroom would be
on the IOT sensor compiled with the larger sensor fusion library. After compiling I received
the following feedback:

Program Size: Code=26896 RO-data=5172 RW-data=620 ZI-data=8688

I'm not sure if the Keil size limit includes RO/RW data and by the available size I am assuming
it cant include ZI data. Any input on this - just trying to figure out how much coding I can do
without having to buy the expensive Keil upgrade. Thank you! Craig

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Hi Craig,

Hi Craig,

The IoT uses most of the available space that the keil evaluation version can compile, there isn't much headroom for additional implementation, keil includes in the limitation Code, RO Data and RW Data but it does not include the ZI data. You can check that information and how keil calculates the image by the produced .map file (at the bottom of the file) just by double clicking on the wrbl_sfl folder. Also this can help you out

Thanks MT_dialog