Jlink - Cortex-M error

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Jlink - Cortex-M error

Dear Dialog,

I took the steps based on the Quick Start guide of the UM-B-014 User Manual. After the install of the IDE and the drivers, I load the ‘peripheral_examples’ sample project.
At the step in the guide, at the target option on the debug tab the j-link/ j-trace cortex settings won't load. So basicly I can't see the step based on the guide.
After building the project I want to start a debug session but I get an error :
No Cortex-M device found in JTAG chain. Please check the JTAG cable and the connected devices.

Tools and drivers:
Operating system: Windows 7
Keil uVision5: mdk_510.exe
Segger J-link driver: Setup_JLinkARM_V484a.exe
FTDI driver: CDM v2.10.00 WHQL Certified
SDK: DA14580_SDK_3.0.2.0
TeraTerm: teraterm-4.82.exe

Thank you, for your helping.
Kind Regards,

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Hello István,

Hello István,

Please check the following in Keil µVisison:
Under "Target Options", select the tab "Debug".
Then for "J-Link/J-Trace Cortex" press the button "Settings"
Then in the new window and in the "Debug" tab, "SW" should be selected as port, not "JTAG".
After this the Cortex-M device should be detected.

Best regards, Dialog Support.

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I have also got this problem,

I have also got this problem, and I can not open the Settings new window?

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I have got this problem,too

I have got this problem,too,and when i click the setting there is a crash

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Hello fengjian, please check

Hello fengjian, please check this thread below... this is the best description of the JTAG settings issue...


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