Keil's tool vs GCC

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akira sasaki
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Keil's tool vs GCC


I bought keil's MDK-ARM Cortex-M Edition.
But it is too expensive, over $5000.

I have a question, can I make toolchain for DA14580 with gcc?
If it is possible, I try it.

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Hi akira sasaki,

Hi akira sasaki,

Yes, its possible, but not supported by dialog. It outputs worse code than keil.

Why you want something like this. You can program the da with the free version of keil, you cant use more than 32K you are limited by the OTP.

Thanks MT_dialog

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the question is related to

the question is related to the fact that some of us are not working with windows env.
For instance, my company use only Mac for all the dev, and relying on a windows PC or a virtual machine is a lack of time. More than this, the Keil IDE is a nightmare...
Supporting the GNU toolchain on the 1458x could be a great benefit for us.